Why is 63 important to B2B sellers?

Why is 63 important to B2B sellers?

Question: Why is 63 important to B2B sellers?

Answer: It’s the number of selling days you have in quarter 2 in the USA if your organization is on a January-December calendar year and observed holidays may vary by industry.

Here is the breakdown:

✅ April 1-30    ➡   22 selling days
✅ May 1-31   ➡     22 selling days
✅ June 1-30   ➡   19 selling days
Total 63 selling days in Q-2

How you structure and spend each selling day matters!

A day wasted is a day gone forever.

Are you using your time wisely?

If an organization has good products and good people help them spend more time with customers and prospects.

Here are a few time management tips.
1.     Track your time. To manage your time, you must know how you are spending it. Write out your daily activities.
2.     Plan each day in advance. Create a daily calendar.
3.     Plan your day around your prospects and customers.
4.     Prioritize high value activities. There are only three: Create-Advance-Close (courtesy Mike Weinberg)
5.     Create time blocks for prospecting and stick to it.
6.     Prospect with precision. Focus your energies on your best prospects.
7.     Remove distractions that prevent you from focusing on the important daily activities.
8.     Use technology wisely. It should increase your “selling time” not reduce it.

What tips would you add?

What time management practices work best for you?

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