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Our customers benefit by winning new customers, selling more to existing customers, reducing sales force turn-over and having predictable workflows within a profitable and growing business.

Our passion is to help sales organizations improve their win rate and funnel-to-forecast accuracy at the gross margins set by management. We customize all of our training programs to fit the needs of your team.

Sales Performance:

  • To help the sales team execute their commercial strategy
  • To learn to sell….. how customer’s buy
  • To improve the win rate of forecasted sales opportunities
  • To reduce the number of “no decisions”
  • To help them improve their funnel-to-forecast accuracy
  • When sales are decreasing and the excuses for why are increasing
  • When too much business is being won through discounting
  • To improve prospecting for new business
  • To help the sales team improve one or more sales skills
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  • To learn how to adapt your selling style to your customer’s buying style to win more sales opportunities
  • To learn how to communicate more effectively with your team in the workplace
  • When the team is not communicating effectively with one another or other support personnel in the organization
  • To better understand how to handle emotions in the workplace and with your customers
  • To improve leadership skills to ensure everyone in the organization is on board to drive results
  • When managers want to learn to motivate, delegate and coach their direct reports more effectively to drive results
  • To learn how to deal with conflict in the workplace in a productive manner

Hiring Talent:

  • To ensure you hire talent right the first time around
  • To improve company culture and eliminate employee turnover
  • Help hiring managers and human resources get on the same page, so they know what specific skills and competencies are required
  • Help avoid hiring bias decision based on instinct
  • Help the selection process and build the hiring manager’s confidence with personalized interview questions for the candidates
  • Help you objectively compare candidates against your chosen benchmark to understand if and how they will fit the job requirements for your organization
  • Coach managers to ensure they keep the talent they’ve hired for a position
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Hospital Knowledge:

  • To understand how to sell to Value Analysis & New Product Committees
  • To learn how to get to the C-Suite and sell value
  • To learn how hospitals budget & approve capital expenditures
  • To understand the role of procurement and how to work in collaboration
  • The role of the governing board or board of directors & financial decisions

Our Approach

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To perform the necessary due diligence to scope the project.

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To work with you in a collegial manner to define realistic solutions, desired outcomes, and timeframes.


To be creative and practical in our approach while still being relevant.

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To combine our approach with your established “best practices.”

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To deploy our solutions on time and within our cost estimate.

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To provide methods and metrics to ensure sustainable results and improved performance.

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Ethical Conduct

We conduct all of our engagements in an ethical manner, in keeping with the spirit and intentions of our letter of agreement and confidentiality agreements.

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Innovation & Improvement

We work constantly to improve our services, methods, tools, and tools to create more value for our clients.

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Our project work is guaranteed. Period!

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