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The Seller's Challenge

How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles

There is a common question that troubles all sellers at points in their career: “So what do I do now?” It may be uttered out of fear or confusion but it’s that moment of paralysis where they realize they are about to lose an opportunity that they had invested much time to win.

The Seller’s Challenge is a “tactical field manual” that taps current research, best practices and real-life examples to help sellers craft action plans that optimize productivity and drive success. It’s all about what top-performing sellers do – how they research, plan and implement activities that maximize their chances of winning.

Each chapter is designed to be read on its own. Readers can read the entire book or just pick the chapters that interest them the most. If you look carefully and closely there are caution signs that will guide the seller toward the best course of action.

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The Seller’s Challenge by Thomas Williams and Thomas Saine
Buyer Centered Selling book

Buyer Centered Selling

How Modern Sellers Engage & Collaborate With Buyers

In 2018 we co-authored The Seller’s Challenge: How Top Performers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Our motive in writing that book was to provide sellers a “field manual” for assembling both tactics and strategies that address these specific deal killers.

This book, Buyer Centered Selling: How Modern Sellers Engage and Collaborate with Buyers, combines “seller’s challenges” with “buyer’s dilemmas.” Without the collaborative efforts of both seller and buyer, many buying processes are doomed by lethargy, fear and eroding internal support from the buying community.

Buyer-Centered Selling provides sellers strategies and tactics that help the buyer address eleven dilemmas likely to slow and obstruct the buying process. The reader will discover quickly that buying and selling are inextricably connected in their focus on helping the customer buy.

Every book purchase includes concept cards and a workbook. If you’ve already purchased the book, click below to download:

Selling To Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations

A Glossary of Business Acumen & Personnel

To sell effectively in this new ecosystem today’s sellers must understand the role and function of hospital and alternate site personnel and their language. We call this Business Acumen. Sellers that understand the language and business of hospitals receive immediate credibility, which is a foundation for building communication and trust.

This Glossary is designed as an easy-to-use reference. In Part 1 users will find Business and Clinical words that are commonly used within medicine, insurance, finance, supply chain and clinical research defined within the context of the hospital and their related entities. Also included is a detailed listing of medical specialties.

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