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Buyer Centered Selling

Buy your copy today! Available on Amazon and through bookstores now. An eBook version is available on Kindle.

Buyer Centered Selling book

The Seller's Challenge

Buy your copy today! Available on Amazon and through bookstores now. An eBook version is available on Kindle.

The Seller’s Challenge by Thomas Williams and Thomas Saine

What Our Customers Say

This is not just another book on sales; it's a powerful, comprehensive textbook on how to become a highly effective, consultative, value-creating, top-producing modern professional salesperson. I love this book because its principles are built on decades-old fundamentals while incorporating the new realities facing today's buyers and sellers. Buyer-Centered Selling is a must read for serious salespeople looking to elevate their game!

I love this book because it makes no false promises. It offers no magic fixes. It doesn't scream that everything that used to work in sales no longer works. The beauty of what Saine and Williams have done here is they've written a book for exclusively for people who are serious about selling. This book is not for the hobbyist or someone putting in a half-assed effort looking for a "trick" to make quota and squeak by. This is the book you read when you want to truly understand what works today in the world of B2B selling...and it's written by practitioners for practitioners. If you love sales, you will love Buyer-Centered Selling.

Mike Weinberg
A must read for anyone selling into healthcare, whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro.

Sales are won by the sales people who can discover and overcome the obstacles to the sale. In The Seller’s Challenge Tom Williams and Tom Saine have written a book which unearths the deal killing obstacles in any sales deal. If you are in sales you need to read this book and discover the secret of overcoming the deal killing obstacles. I have read perhaps over a thousand books on selling and this probably the most insightful book I have had the privilege to read. This book has opened my eyes buy it and open yours to more closed deals.

Caldwell Graham
Do you know the deal killing obstacles in your B2B Sales?

Great book for sales professionals especially those who sell in highly complex sales environments where your dealing with multiple decision makers in higher risk environments.

5 Areas that are particularly helpful and strong are aligning your sales process with your buyers complex decision making process, an approach to insightful selling conversations, dealing with gate keepers, selling to committees, and dealing and partnering with procurement–very insightful.

Great read and an easy read full of practical advice and tools you can use right away.

Mark Welch
Great practical tool kit for even the most seasoned sales professional.