Account Management Program

Your Key Accounts are a Target for your Competition – Learn How to Retain and Grow These Company Assets

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Standard Program Overview

Account management is a defined strategy that businesses follow to manage, grow, and keep their best customers. Unfortunately, most organizations do not implement a defined and measurable account planning methodology until they have lost one or more of their “best” accounts. Our Account Management program will help you define the difference between a large account and a key or strategic account. We then provide you with a roadmap to oversee the account, manage the business continuity, find new sales opportunities, and improve your customer relationships while achieving mutual value. Individual modules can be delivered to territory sales representatives who always have one or more “important” customers that they cannot afford to lose.

Our program is 100% customizable to fit your sales team’s needs and we don’t just tell you what to do, we tell you how to do it as well.

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Account Management Course Content

Understand the Landscape: Develop a Relationship Overview
  1. Type of Account
  2. Situation Overview
  3. Organizational Chart
  4. Accounts Key Players
  5. Our Account Team
  6. Relationship Map
  7. Competitive Map
  8. White Space Analysis
  9. Strategy Overivew
Conduct a Financial Overview
  1. Financial Snapshot: Prior 3 Years
  2. % Overall Spend With Us & Trend
  3. Won-Loss Analysis
  4. Current Sales Opportunities
  5. Potential Sales Opportunities – Next 3 Years
  6. Upcoming Contracts or Renewals
Develop an Account Development Plan
  1. Business Imperatives by SBU, Division, Department, etc. & KPIs
  2. Attack Plan to Drive Business Outcomes: Actions, Who & Due Date
  3. Our Risks & Concerns & Mitigation Strategy
  4. Contact Frequency & Documentation
  5. Creating Competitive Immunity
  6. Business Review Process & Cadence
  7. Performance Scorecard

Benefits of Account Management Program

Reinforcement Strategy

Training needs to be embedded into the DNA of the individual. The human brain needs a reinforcement process to avoid memory loss. Our suggested approach for post program delivery is shown below.

Activity Purpose Platform Matrics Timing
Determine the value of the training content
Face-to-Face Training:
Instructor Led
Proactive Feedback
Immediately After
(Program Delivery)
Did they learn it?
Points earned Ranking
Post Training for
12-26 Months
Do they use the training?
Use of Worksheets
and Tools
Direct Observation Review of Worksheet
& Tools by FLSM
Post Training and On-Going
Determine the Business
Impact. Did the Training
Virtual Videos Guided Practice
Verification by FLSM that Skills Were Learned, Remembered & Being Applied Correctly
Determine the ROI. Was the Training Worth it?
Improved Retention Increase in Revenue Through Penetration & Cross Selling