Buyer Centric Selling

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Standard Program Overview

Selling today is more about people management than opportunity management. It’s about “helping buyers buy”! There are more stakeholders involved in a buying decision today and everyone has their own feelings about change, triggers, priorities, decision criteria and risk. With the win rate of forecasted deals at 47% it’s clear that sellers need help aligning their sales process to how buyers buy.

In the book Buyer Centered Selling, sellers will learn a comprehensive, systematic, repeatable and teachable process for creating a winning sales strategy that is buyer-centric and answers the three questions every buyer must know. “Why Change”? “Why Change Now?”, and “Who Will Do It Best”?

The foundation of our training is sixteen “individual learning modules and a comprehensive” buyer-centric opportunity” worksheet. Some sales leaders will choose to purchase the program as designed. Others will select the specific modules they believe will improve the skill set of their team and build their own custom program.

Our program is 100% customizable to fit your sales team’s needs and we don’t just tell you what to do, we tell you how to do it as well.

eight staff members in a team meeting

Buyer Centric Selling: Co-creating Solutions to Help Buyers Achieve Measurable Outcomes

This is our Standard Opportunity Management Program, but additional modules can be added or removed.

See below for *optional modules.

Stimulating Interest & Define the Buyer's Situation

1. Understand the Customers Buying Process

2. Using Discovery to Build a Case for Change and a Cost of Inaction

3. Define the Buyer’s Options & Your Sale Opportunity

4. Why Creating a Mutual Action Plan is Essential

*5. Understand the Modern Buyer

*6. The Power of Insight Driven Conversations

Understand the Buyer's Ecosystem

5. Identifying the Buying Committee & Mobilizer

6. Understand Each Stakeholder’s Behavioral Style & Why It Matters

7. Determine Each Stakeholder’s Urgency to Change, Influence & Access

8. How Neuroscience Affects Buying Decisions

9. Using Storytelling to Change Attitudes With Logic & Emotion

Co-Creation of a Solution

10. Demonstrate Differentiation & Why You!

11. Creating Value Messages That Differentiate you

12. Mitigating Concerns to Change & Risk

13. Building Consensus Amongst Buyers

14. Determine Stakeholder Preference & Your Position

*15. Planning & Executing Buyer Centric Conversations

*16. Surviving & Winning Beauty Contests (RFPs)

*17. Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Facilitate a Decision

15. Selling to a Committee

16. The Pathway to the PO

*17. Selling to a Committee

*18. Managing Price Demands

*19. Handling Routing Customer Objections

*20. The Pathway to Cross Selling

Optional Learning Modules Buyer Centered Selling: Winning the Complex Sale. A Series Of Optional Independent Learning Modules “Chosen By You” To Meet to Your Unique Selling Milieu & Requirements To Improve Sales

Benefits of Buyer Centric Selling Training

Reinforcement Strategy

Training needs to be embedded into the DNA of the individual. The human brain needs a reinforcement process to avoid memory loss. Our suggested approach for post program delivery is shown below.

Activity Purpose Platform Matrics Timing
Determine the value of the training content
Face-to-Face Training:
Instructor Led
Survey Conversations/Interviews Proactive Feedback
Immediately After
(Program Delivery)
Did they learn it?
Points earned Ranking
Post Training for 12-26 Months
Do they use the training?
Use of Worksheets
and Tools
Direct Observation Review of Worksheet
& Tools by FLSM
Post Training and
Determine the Business
Impact. Did the Training
Virtual Videos Guided Practice
Verification by FLSM that Skills Were Learned, Remembered & Being Applied Correctly
Determine the ROI. Was the Training Worth it?
Improved Pipeline
Improved Win Rates

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