Are You “Social Selling” or Committing “Social Suicide”?

Social Selling is an important tool in the weaponry of sellers for lead generation that nurtures meaningful relationships through conducting research, making a connection, fostering awareness and increasing interest. There is no debate. Social selling is here to stay. It’s another tool in the toolbox of the sales professional along with the telephone, E-Mail and […]

Why is 63 important to B2B sellers?

Why is 63 important to B2B sellers?

Question: Why is 63 important to B2B sellers? Answer: It’s the number of selling days you have in quarter 2 in the USA if your organization is on a January-December calendar year and observed holidays may vary by industry. Here is the breakdown: ✅ April 1-30    ➡   22 selling days ✅ May 1-31   ➡     22 selling days […]

Unlocking Sales Success with DiSC Assessments: A Must-Have Tool for Every Sales Professional

Meeting a customer

In the ever-evolving world of sales, understanding both yourself and your buyer is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. The DiSC assessment stands at the forefront of this understanding, offering a mirror to our selling style and a window into the personalities of our buyers. Incorporating DiSC assessments can revolutionize your sales approach, training, and […]

Three Types of Listening in Sales and Beyond: Which One Are You?

Listening is a vital skill in sales, often used but rarely mastered. Let’s explore three listening types and reflect on which one you predominantly use in various professional and personal interactions. Selective Listening: The ‘mental filter’ approach. Here, you catch only fragments of the conversation, those that align with your assumptions or interests. It’s like […]

Listening is a Sales Skill That is Often Ignored!

In the competitive realm of sales across various industries, the ability to listen effectively is a key yet often overlooked skill. But what would happen if we started to listen more attentively? Are you a great listener? This simple question can have profound implications in your interactions, not just with clients, but with colleagues and […]

Are You a Sales Representative That is on the Bubble?

Another quarter went by and you didn’t make plan. For many sales representatives this is not unusual. CSO Insights reported in 2012 that only 63% of sales representatives made quota for the year.1 If you are consistently missing your sales quota it’s not unnatural for a sales professional to wonder if they are on the […]