Healthcare Business Acumen: 14 Terms Every Healthcare Sales Professional Should Know!

The business of healthcare is in a constant state of flux. It is never static. There are new reimbursement models being evaluated, new locations for care being designed, new types of technology being developed, new methods of communication between patients and caregivers being implemented and new ways of acquiring equipment and supplies created. This “newness” […]

Why Most MedTech ROI Tools Don’t Work!

In the consulting portion of our business we are often shown an exciting new ROI model that has been developed by a medical equipment manufacturer to enhance their ability to close more deals. Its purpose is to show C-Suite level executives why they should purchase their product by quantifying the financial benefits. Each ROI model […]

10 Sales Words & Phrases to Stop Using in 2015!

Every year Lake Superior State University (LSSU) releases a list of words that they would like to have banished from everyday usage. This year LSSU published the 40th annual list. Unfortunately, this year that list didn’t include some of the horribly over-used and misused words in sales. Here is our list of sales words and […]

What Sales Reps Can Learn From Peter Drucker

“Peter F. Drucker was a writer, professor, management consultant and self-described “social ecologist,” who explored the way human beings organize themselves and interact much the way an ecologist would observe and analyze the biological world. His 39 books, along with his countless scholarly and popular articles, predicted many of the major developments of the late […]

Essential Skills of the New MedTech Account Manager

The healthcare eco-system is in flux as implementation of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act unfolds. New reimbursement models are forcing collaboration between payers and providers to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes. As healthcare stakeholders begin to take more financial risk for patient outcomes, they will demand value-based products and services be provided. […]

Hospital Business Acumen: Form 990 & Why You Should Care!

If you sell to Not-For-Profit (NFP) hospitals one of the best kept secrets is Form 990 and the wealth of information it can provide to sales representatives, especially if you sell to hospital executives and the C-Suite. The Form 990 is the tax document that tax-exempt non-profit organizations file each year with the IRS. It’s […]