12 Ways to Build Professional Credibility in Hospital Sales

There is an old adage in sales that one can never have too much credibility. This is especially true in hospital sales where the “the new normal’ is for sellers that can provide proven measurable value. Think of credibility as building a bank account. You constantly have to keep making credibility deposits because one day […]

Test Your Sales Representative Hospital Business Acumen

This short test will provide a “guide post” of where you and your sales organization are positioned relative to Hospital Business Acumen. We hope that you find it interesting and thought provoking. Test Your Sales Representative Hospital Business Acumen 1. Our sales force understands how a hospital makes money and how it spends money. a. […]

Hospital Business Acumen: Are you Sales Representative X, Y or Z?

Here is an example. Imagine three sales reps (X, Y and Z) from three different manufacturers’ all vying to be the replacement vendor for a hospital that is going to purchase ten (10) mechanical ventilators at $25,000 each. Rep X currently has the business and a lot of long-term relationships within the hospital and Respiratory Therapy […]

Hospital Business Acumen: The New Sales Differentiator!

The role of the medical sales representative is changing. Hospital consolidation means fewer accounts with more buying power. Hospitals no longer need sales representatives as the sole point of contact to provide product information, conduct in-services or quote prices. Product knowledge can be obtained instantaneously via the web without the need to sit through a […]