Healthcare Business Acumen: 14 Terms Every Healthcare Sales Professional Should Know!

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The business of healthcare is in a constant state of flux. It is never static. There are new reimbursement models being evaluated, new locations for care being designed, new types of technology being developed, new methods of communication between patients and caregivers being implemented and new ways of acquiring equipment and supplies created. This “newness” […]

Healthcare Selling Has Changed…Have YOU?

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It’s no secret that selling into healthcare organizations has gone through a gradual metamorphosis over the last several years due to hospital consolidation, a changing reimbursement milieu and the increasing influence of Procurement. Ask any sales representative or sales leader and they will tell you unequivocally that it’s gotten harder to sell their wares. The […]

What Do the Hospital “Cs” Think About? The 13 Ps! Part 1

Every day sales reps descend on hospitals with an intense desire to get to the coveted “C” suite. They want access to the carpeted area of the facility because that is where the executive team resides. In the language of business, C-suite players are the individuals who are responsible for effective financial and human resource […]

Common Characteristics of the Best Healthcare Sales Reps: Part 2

Have you ever wondered why some healthcare sales reps consistently out-perform their peer’s year in and year out? We think they exhibit twelve (12) key characteristics. Last week in this blog we reviewed the first seven (7): accountability, process orientation, bias for action, experts at time management, buyer personas, customer intimacy and lose early. This […]