At Sales Quarterly Business Reviews-Use the 5 Bs! Be Prepared: Be Polished: Be Brief: Be Memorable & Be Gone

Many sales professionals have to attend and present their previous quarters sales performance at Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). Success or failure depends on the following factors:

1. Be Prepared

Use the reporting template provided by your company and think through carefully how you will present your sales and financial results. Recognize that this will be a “live performance” before sales leadership and senior management. Your appearance, manner of dress, speech pattern, comfort level, rhythm and flow will all be on display.

Use this to your advantage. A best practice is to conduct a “dry run” of your presentation in advance and preferably with your district, area or regional sales leader. Think carefully about the questions that you will be asked and how you will respond. Answering questions from sales leadership or senior management with an “I don’t know or I’ll have to get back to you” response does not position you as a leader that has a command of the local business.

2. Be Polished & Comfortable

Give your presentation from the front of the room. Be engaging and introduce yourself to everyone in the group. If you have a co-presenter introduce them and let everyone know what sections of the presentation each of you will do. Don’t allow a co-presenter to be a statue that just stands there. If they are standing next to you they must have a specific role to play. Let the audience know that you are pleased to be able to discuss your sales results with them and that you look forward to their comments and suggestions for improved performance.

Be confident but not cocky. Encourage the group to ask questions. It demonstrates that you are confident in being able to respond.

If you’re not comfortable and polished in front of sales leadership and senior management giving a presentation and answering their questions it’s a red flag that you are probably the same way in front of customers.

3. Be Brief

Let’s face it. Either you made your revenue number or you didn’t. Everyone listening to you knows that fact well in advance and they have already reviewed your presentation. If you made plan tell the group the reasons why and provide them with your strategy for the balance of the year. Exude confidence based upon a sound sales strategy with a rhythm and cadence that will provide leading edge metrics of future success or potential pitfalls.

If you did not make plan briefly describe what went wrong and why but spend the majority of your time explaining your strategies and actions to resolve the shortfall. A gap management plan is a must. Management may not like less than stellar results for the quarter but they want to know what you are doing about it. If your plan is weak that doesn’t bode well for you.

4. Be Memorable

Be memorable because you made plan, have demonstrated competence and have a sound strategy moving forward that will continue to provide stellar results and not because you made a foolish comment like “I think the quota was a little too high for us to make plan.” Nobody cares about your feelings about the quota. The quota is the quota. You don’t have to like it. You just have to make it.

Don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. If you’re a district, area or regional sales leader discuss which of your team members is standing out as a top performer.

Demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding and command of your district, area or region. Give sales leadership and senior management the confidence that you are the right person for the job and that it will get done to their satisfaction and expectation with you in charge. Don’t be afraid to use a little humor and show your personality.

5. Be Gone

Answer everyone’s questions thoroughly. Thank them again for the opportunity to present your results and be gone.


At Sales Quarterly Business Reviews-Be Prepared: Be Polished: Be Brief: Be Memorable & Be Gone! Above all be remembered for your performance and demonstrated competency.