Sales & Business Pet Peeves

We thought it was time for a little venting and levity. Sales is a tough profession and occasionally folks make it a lot harder than it needs to be. Here is a list of “pet peeves” that we have encountered recently. Several have been provided to us from colleagues we know and respect. Please add […]

5 Steps in Crafting Compelling Value Propositions that Resonate with Buyers

We all know what constitutes a value proposition or statement.  It’s a concise, clear and compelling message that conveys the benefit a product, service or solution provides the buyer’s organization.  In other word, it’s a promise or pledge made by the seller to convey value to the buyer.  But this is where our understanding gets […]

Customer Retention: The Holy Grail of Sales!

Every sales executive and sales representative needs to make an annual revenue goal. It’s no secret that the easiest path to “making your number” is to keep your existing business and sell more to an existing account. Why?  The easiest customer to sell to is one that already buys from you. Current accounts know your […]

Sales Leader, It’s Time for Mid-Year Checkup!

Well it’s mid-year…so if you want to make your annual sales quota it’s time for a checkup and perhaps even some adjustments.  As you review or revise your sales plan for the balance of the year, consider taking a close look at the following seven “areas” and determine what value they may bring to your […]

Hospital Sales 101: I Never Saw It Coming!

It’s the 27th of June and the hospital’s fiscal year ends at the end of December. You have completed the trial and the product worked flawlessly. All the clinicians loved it and the feedback from all three shifts was better than expected. Another plus is that you have critical support from all of the key […]

Lesson Learned- What is the Cost of Inaction (COI)?

In a recent conversation a colleague made an interesting comment, “Sales training is a waste of money.” Since he knew that they were in the sales productivity improvement business where “sales training” is one weapon in our arsenal, it piqued our interest. We couldn’t resist asking him why he felt that way. Here’s part of […]

Sales Call Check List: What Every Seller Should Consider Before a Call!

Skilled and successful sales professionals recognize the importance of call planning in conducting an effective sales meeting. How many times have you left a meeting only to realize that you didn’t get the information, commitment or action anticipated? Today’s buying influences expect sellers to be professionals who can manage a meeting, focus on the buyer’s […]

Do You Take a “Posse” to Sales Calls?

As we discuss call planning and execution with sales professionals we often come across organizations that send several company personnel on a sales call. This selling approach is much like dispatching a  “posse”–a metaphor from the frontier era–when a band of citizens, led by a sheriff, chased down and cornered a bandit. Sales calls can […]

How Well Do You Know Your Buyer?

Buyers begin each purchasing process with varied degrees of knowledge.  Some may have direct experience with products and solutions, while others may have read blogs and industry reports or had conversations with former buyers.   That perspective includes information, data, experiences and feelings.  Some knowledge may be firmly grounded in direct experiences while other aspects […]

Sales Leadership: Does Your Sales Organization Play Fast?

In football they call it the “2 Minute Drill.” It could be the last 2 minutes of the first half or the last two minutes of the game. Everyone on the field is expected to know their play and their role and they are expected to beat their man. On offense the objective is to […]