10 Things Not To Do at Sales Quarterly Business Reviews!

In a previous blog we described the 5 Bs of Success at Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR). They were Be Prepared: Be Polished: Be Brief: Be Memorable & Be Gone. If you missed it you can access it here.

In this blog we would like to take the opportunity to tell you what not to do during a Sales QBR so that you don’t have an “oops Moment!”

  1. Don’t ad Lib and Be Flip: Stick to your slides and prepared script. Sales leadership and senior management expect polished sales leaders in the field. Don’t demonstrate incompetence with flip comments, guesses or ramblings.
  2. Don’t Under Dress: Dress appropriately for the meeting or one level above. Don’t be memorable for not being properly attired or poorly groomed. You represent the company look the part.
  3. Don’t Demonstrate Poor Presentation Skills: Hands in the pocket, shifting gaze, pacing and poor eye contact tell everyone this is what you are like with customers. Practice your presentation skills in front of a mirror, with a peer or friend or your boss. Become polished and comfortable in front of a crowd.
  4. Don’t Argue: Accept praise, criticism and suggestions. Be tactful and polite if you disagree. This is not the forum for argument and disagreement. If you disagree with something said take it offline and discuss it with your boss.
  5. Don’t use Foul Language or Tell an Off Color Story: This isn’t the right forum for bad language or off-color jokes. It makes you look crass and inappropriate. It may even make several people in the room uncomfortable.
  6. Don’t Wander: When you wander around the room the audience follows you and your voice and this means they are not looking at your slides. It also makes them wonder what you are doing and where you are going. When this occurs they are not listening attentively. It’s also very distracting. Give your presentation from the front of the room.
  7. Don’t Be too Casual: You’re giving a presentation.  Don’t lean against a wall. Don’t put your foot on a chair and talk. Respect your audience and the business environment.
  8. Don’t Have Mistakes in Your Slides: Miss-spellings, omissions, extra letters, incomplete sentences, bullets with no text, missing data and inaccurate data don’t make you look professional. Leaders proofread their material meticulously and avoid mistakes especially in front of senior management.
  9. Don’t Talk too Fast: It signals that you are nervous. If you cannot speak comfortably in front of your peers and superiors you cannot speak comfortably with customers.
  10. Don’t Be Negative or Defensive: Stand out for outstanding sales performance and leadership and not because you are negative or defensive.  Don’t put anything on a slide that you may regret later. It lives in perpetuity. Don’t make unforgettable negative or disparaging comments. They cannot be taken back later.

Avoid these common mistakes and you won’t inadvertently shoot yourself in the foot in the next QBR!