Why Use Us


Clients often engage us:

Strategy Issues:

  • When sales are decreasing and the excuses for why are increasing
  • To develop a marketing plan that will drive sales results
  • When they lack the internal resources to meet their sales and marketing objectives
  • To bring in “best of class” sales and marketing practices from other organizations and industries


Sales Issues:

  • To develop and implement a sales methodology
  • To help them improve their funnel-to-forecast accuracy
  • When they need to link how customers buy to their sales process
  • When too much business is being won through discounting
  • To develop or improve sales metrics
  • To conduct win-loss analysis
  • To develop a sales playbook
  • To link the tools marketing is developing to specific steps in the sales process
  • To improve the channel partner relationship


Marketing Issues:

  • When the sales force is not obtaining enough quality leads
  • To conduct market research, so that segment-specific strategies can be based on fact
  • To obtain competitive intelligence or develop competitive strategies
  • To develop the customer requirements document for a new product
  • To assist in launching a new product
  • To develop a segment-specific strategy against a new competitor with a strong value proposition
  • To understand the satisfaction or loyalty level of their customer base
  • To develop sales tools that are meaningful and useful to the sales force
  • To develop white papers or peer review papers to show clear product performance superiority.


Hospital Issues

  • To understand how to sell to committees
  • To learn how to get to the C-Suite
  • To learn how to sell value to the C-Suite
  • How to understand a hospital’s net margin
  • To learn how hospitals budget & approve capital expenditures
  • The role of the board of directors & financial decisions

Whether your business need is one of the above or something entirely different, Strategic Dynamics, Inc., treats each client’s situation as a unique challenge. We provide objectivity, clarity and results in a timely manner.