How Marketing Can Help Sales Win With Cost Crusaders!

You know who we are talking about. The Cost Crusaders are Strategic Procurement, Purchasing, Materials Management or Supply Chain depending upon the organization. While many of these professionals also focus on value there is a significant portion that are blinded simply by their desire for the lowest cost and they are relentless in this pursuit. […]

Is it Still a Hospital? The New Name Game!

It used to be easy. Hospitals were where we went for emergency care, certain types of surgeries, for labor and delivery or for in-patient treatment of acute or chronic disease. Most people thought of it as the destination if you were very sick or hurt. Hospitals were also easy to find because they had the […]

Tips on Selling to the Hospital or Healthcare System C-Suite: Part 2

Introduction In today’s’ rapidly changing healthcare environment, every sales representative wants to develop a relationship with key hospital C-Suite executives. In some cases it’s to protect the existing business against a competitive threat, while in others, it’s to manage a new opportunity where C-Suite buy-in is paramount to success.  Ensuring that the C-Suite members embrace […]

Lower Hospital Buyer’s Risk Not Your Price!

With an uncertain economy; limited capital funds for new construction, renovations or new equipment; a changing reimbursement climate and minimal operating margins hospital buyers must mitigate risk when buying new products, services or solutions. Buyers Risk Buyer’s risk has two components: the probability that something will go wrong and the negative consequences if it does. […]

Understanding Critical Access Hospitals

Purpose In 1997 legislation was enacted as part of the Balanced Budget Act that authorized each state to establish a State Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (aka Flex Program) under which certain facilities that participated in the Medicare program could become Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs). These were current hospitals with Medicare participation; hospitals that stopped […]

Hospital Classification Made Easy!

As a result of new healthcare legislation, hospital consolidation will continue to change at a rapid pace. New specialty hospitals are opening and with a different focus in today’s environment. This dynamic creates a new challenge – for sales professionals trying to keep the business in perspective. A taxonomy or classification system can help us […]