Lesson Learned: No Response! Why?

In a recent sales workshop a participant asked us for some help to solve a problem that perplexed her. We asked for some context before she asked her question. Here is the scenario she (we’ll call her Sally to protect her identity) painted for us rather graphically. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? […]

A Sales Skill That is Often Ignored: Listening!

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen R. Covey Are you a great listener? Most, if not all, sales professionals would say that they are great listeners. While most sales professionals would receive high grades many would be wrong if their clients or customers […]

Do’s & Don’ts for a Successful Negotiation

Background No matter the complexity or size of the deal, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow prior, during and following the negotiation. Your goal should be to reach a compromise that is fair and equitable to both parties. Remember–if you close the deal both parties will be partners. Negotiate a win-win […]

Sales Call Preparation is for Amateurs & Rookies!

Let’s be honest most of you reading this missive don’t routinely plan for sales calls and you haven’t’ written out a sales call plan in years. This is not meant as a criticism. It’s just fact, based upon our experience and informal polls in working with sales organizations all over the world and in a […]

“Negotiating the Complex Sale: 10 Questions to Guide Your Preparation”

Preparation is key to every effective negotiation strategy. Brian Mandell, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, says that a good negotiator prepares by understanding fully what he/she wishes to accomplish. A great negotiator prepares by understanding what the other side wishes to accomplish. At the heart of your preparation should be […]

“Negotiating the Complex Sale: Five Fatal Myths”

In a recent workshop on negotiation, we asked the sales representatives “When that long awaited telephone call comes from your client, what steps do you take in preparing yourself to negotiate the contract or deal?” It was relatively easy to tabulate the data. One participant raised her hand and said that she does a quick […]

10 Reasons Why Strategic Account Plans Fail!

Many sales professionals are asked to develop a Strategic Account Plan (SAP). These plans allow sales professionals to keep management abreast of changes with their customers and competitors, develop strategies to foster profitable growth and define success metrics with a focus of 1-3 years. Because SAPs are plans they need to be reviewed, updated and […]