Never Negotiate B2B Contracts “On Your Feet!”

In our everyday life, we negotiate “on the run” frequently. Your spouse says, “I won’t be able to pick up the kids from school today. I was hoping you could.” And you say, “That’s fine…but can you pick up the dry cleaning?” Relationships require frequent re-negotiations of schedules, plans and duties to adapt to changing […]

During A Joint Sales Call, Are You A Potted Plant?

Before we started a recent training program on Sales Call Planning and Execution we asked the participants to tell us what they would like to achieve from the training. There was one question that arose from several of the participants. It was as follows: “How do you avoid having people from your organization go on […]

Negotiating the Complex Sale: What Hospital Procurement Knows About You!

If you sell to hospitals, it is imperative that you understand there is a new normal in hospital strategic procurement. We will use this as a generic term to also include hospital supply chain management, materials management and purchasing. Each of these terms are often bantered about and while they are not synonyms for each […]

How Marketing Can Help Sales Win With Cost Crusaders!

You know who we are talking about. The Cost Crusaders are Strategic Procurement, Purchasing, Materials Management or Supply Chain depending upon the organization. While many of these professionals also focus on value there is a significant portion that are blinded simply by their desire for the lowest cost and they are relentless in this pursuit. […]

13 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer in Every Opportunity Review! Part 1

Within MedTech sales every sales professional manages a myriad of sales opportunities. Each of these is at different stages of the buying process within their “sales funnel.” It is good practice to review the most important opportunities with your manager. Best in class sales organizations do these reviews with a finite schedule, when key changes […]

Selling Time is Sacred! Do a Time Management Check!

For many MedTech sellers January 1st began a new fiscal year and a new sales quota. For others their fiscal year starts April 1, July 1 of October 1. Regardless of when your fiscal year starts it’s always wise to take a few moments and reflect on three (3) important things: 1. How many selling […]

Is it Still a Hospital? The New Name Game!

It used to be easy. Hospitals were where we went for emergency care, certain types of surgeries, for labor and delivery or for in-patient treatment of acute or chronic disease. Most people thought of it as the destination if you were very sick or hurt. Hospitals were also easy to find because they had the […]

Early Warning Signs of Financial Stress in a Hospital

The hospital C-Suite is under duress. Each day they must carefully manage their scarce resources amidst a declining reimbursement, rising labor costs, a difficult credit environment and thin margins. As hospitals look for ways to increase the efficiency of their resource allocation MedTech suppliers must be aware of the early warning signs that the hospital […]

12 Things You Should Know Before You Work a Trade Show Booth

It’s not unusual for sales professionals and other key company personnel to be asked to work a trade show booth. Here are some helpful hints that should be provided to each company attendee before they leave home. 1. Booth number, size and location. Trade shows are usually located in a large exhibit hall. Make it […]

What Do the Hospital “Cs” Think About? The 13 Ps! Part 2!

Every day sales reps descend on hospitals with an intense desire to get to the coveted “C” suite. They want access to the carpeted area of the hospital because that is where the executive team resides. In the language of business, C-suite players are the individuals who are responsible for effective financial and human resource […]