Check List for Handling Discount Demands

Recently we were asked by a client to develop a brief but interactive negotiation workshop that provided insight into handling the objection “your price is too high…we need a lower price.” In preparation for the session we developed a detailed case study that outlined the exact business scenario that their sales force was experiencing daily. […]

Sales Call Preparation is for Amateurs & Rookies!

Let’s be honest most of you reading this missive don’t routinely plan for sales calls and you haven’t’ written out a sales call plan in years. This is not meant as a criticism. It’s just fact, based upon our experience and informal polls in working with sales organizations all over the world and in a […]

Do Checklists have a Role in MedTech Sales?

A significant number of professional organizations have integrated the use of checklists to manage time-sensitive projects. Astronauts, IT professionals, and others in high risk industries use rigorous checklists to help them avoid potential hazards. As an example, every pilot goes through a pre-flight checklist before he pulls away from the gate; its standard operating procedure […]