Hospital Sales 101: I Never Saw It Coming!

It’s the 23rd of this month and the hospital’s fiscal year ends at the end of next month. You have completed the trial and the product worked flawlessly. All the clinicians loved it and the feedback from all three shifts was better than expected. Another plus is that you have critical support from all of […]

12 Ways to Build Professional Credibility in Hospital Sales

There is an old adage in sales that one can never have too much credibility. This is especially true in hospital sales where the “the new normal’ is for sellers that can provide proven measurable value. Think of credibility as building a bank account. You constantly have to keep making credibility deposits because one day […]

Hospital Classification Made Easy!

As a result of new healthcare legislation, hospital consolidation will continue to change at a rapid pace. New specialty hospitals are opening and with a different focus in today’s environment. This dynamic creates a new challenge – for sales professionals trying to keep the business in perspective. A taxonomy or classification system can help us […]