Pop Quiz on Hospital Types & Ownership Acumen


Have some fun and test your business knowledge of hospital types and ownership. For each statement select the most appropriate choice.


  1. A hospital in which any profit is returned to its shareholders.
  2. A hospital owned by the federal government and operated by the VA.
  3. A hospital that operates as a Not-For-Profit (NFP) hospital and is supported by a city, county or state government.
  4. A hospital where day-to-day management is controlled by another organization.
  5. A Not-For-Profit hospital operated by a county government.
  6. Hospitals that are owned by corporations and that have investors called shareholder
  7. Hospitals in rural areas.
  8. An acute care general hospital that is accredited to teach.
  9. Hospitals that treat a particular type of patient.
  10. A hospital that is required by Medicare to have a minimum length of stay of 25 days or longer.
  11. A hospital owned by the federal government that treats active daily and retired military and their dependents.


A. VA Hospital
B. Proprietary Hospital
C. Army, Navy, Air Force Hospital
D. Managed Hospital
E. LTAC Hospital
F. Investor Owned Hospitals
G. Specialty Hospital
H. Public Hospital
I. Critical Access Hospital
J. County Hospital
K. Teaching Hospital


1. F. Investor owned hospitals
2. A. VA Hospital
3. H. Public hospital
4. D. Managed hospital
5. J. County hospital
6. B. Proprietary hospital
7. I. Critical access hospital
8. K. Teaching hospital
9. G. Specialty hospital
10. E. LTAC hospital
11. C. Army, Navy, Air Force hospital

Your Score:

11: PhD
9-10: Masters Degree
7-8: Bachelor Science Degree
5-6: Associate Degree