Negotiating the Complex Sale: What Hospital Procurement Knows About You!

If you sell to hospitals, it is imperative that you understand there is a new normal in hospital strategic procurement. We will use this as a generic term to also include hospital supply chain management, materials management and purchasing. Each of these terms are often bantered about and while they are not synonyms for each […]

How Marketing Can Help Sales Win With Cost Crusaders!

You know who we are talking about. The Cost Crusaders are Strategic Procurement, Purchasing, Materials Management or Supply Chain depending upon the organization. While many of these professionals also focus on value there is a significant portion that are blinded simply by their desire for the lowest cost and they are relentless in this pursuit. […]

Why Hospital Procurement Matters!

Many domestic US sales professionals are surprised at the growing power and influence of hospital procurement in the purchasing process. They shouldn’t be. If they compared notes with their counterparts in Canada, Europe or other countries they would better understand the increasing importance and expanding relevance of hospital procurement. In this blog we are going […]

5 Dreaded Words From Procurement: Your Price Is Too High!

If you have been in sales for more than a week you have encountered someone from Procurement that has told you one or more of the following: “Your price is too high” “I need a discount” “Can you do better?” “Your solution is too expensive” “You’ll have to do better than that to get our […]

Selling to Hospitals: The Effect of Price Discounts on Gross Margin

Is your sales organization throwing money down the drain with each deal that they are selling to hospitals? Be honest with yourself. It happens every day. You think you have the deal won and then someone says, ” all we need now is to get the PO through Strategic Procurement.” You venture to Strategic Procurement […]

Selling Capital Equipment to Hospitals: Actual Cost Versus Purchase Price

It’s no secret that in every hospital, fierce competition for scarce dollars exists between departments to buy new capital equipment that increases efficiency and improves patient care. In this new dynamic environment, hospital C-Suite executives are placing an increased emphasis on the collaborative process to acquire capital equipment. This process includes: Clinicians: To ensure optimal […]

MedTech Sales Strategy: The Top 10 Competitive Tactics Used Against You!

Every deal has competition. In some, it is the pressure to “do nothing” and maintain the current status quo. On other occasions, it’s to use internal resources instead of investing in external solutions. In many situations it is a direct alternative to your product, service or solution. Competition is about winning and winning requires a […]

Strategic Procurements 10 Commandments for Managing the Hospital Buying Process

As strategic procurement gains more power, authority and influence within hospitals and health care systems they are gradually educating non-procurement personnel within the hospital on how “to engage and not engage” with sales professionals. We call this education performed by procurement within their hospital “Procurements 10 Commandments for Managing the Hospital Buying Process”. These are […]

Do You Know the Pathway to the PO?

Hallelujah you have just been told you won the sale. Now the next challenge is to get the purchase order (PO). Be careful about celebrating too soon, you are not home yet. You would be wise not to include this order against your sales goal at this time. Finally, don’t forecast it yet and above […]

Why Hospital Strategic Procurement Doesn’t Buy More From You!

Selling to hospital strategic procurement can be much easier if you understand the metrics that they value or demand from their suppliers. Many of these are generated from the requirements of their internal customers. In general, each of these can be placed in the categories of delivery, cost, responsiveness, errors and defects. Lead Time on […]