Newsflash! Hospitals don’t simply buy products and services; they seek out quality solutions to solve problems. Healthcare professionals are looking for partners that can help them to fix gaps in service delivery and help them to avoid complacency in order to achieve exceptional results.

If you want to connect with hospital buyers, it’s essential to use words and phrases that are an integral part of their everyday language. Words or phrases cannot be cute or cliché, they must detail in clear statements, the clinical and business issues that hospital leaders manage daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and year to year.

Here are 30 words or phrases for consideration. If you use one or more of these words or phrases you must be able to back them up with proof.

Today’s hospital buyer is more sophisticated and demanding. These words and phrases will help you get an appointment. For the meeting to be meaningful, the key ingredient is to provide real value; clinical and financial evidence (quality) that helps them lower or avoid their costs.

30 Words or Phrases that Create Attention!

1. Better patient outcomes
2. Improved asset utilization/asset tracking
3. Reduction in supply costs
4. Better patient satisfaction survey results
5. Rapid ROI
6. Decreased supply utilization
7. Risk reduction
8. Increased patient safety
9. Cost avoidance
10. Cost reduction
11. Decreased length of stay
12. Increased/ decreased revenue (some countries do not generate revenue; they manage a pool of funds to provide care)
13. Reduction in Emergency Department (ED) wait time
14. Increased efficiency in the Operating Room (OR)
15. Reduced total cost of care
16. Improved antibiotic stewardship and decreased nosocomial infections
17. Reduction in medication errors
18. Decreased costs across the continuum of care
19. Decreased patient re-admissions
20. Improved bed utilization
21. Reduction in adverse incidents
22. Virtual patient visits
23. Seamless medical record
24. Improved revenue cycle management
25. Proven reduction in Physician Preference Items (PPIs)
26. Increased physician satisfaction
27. Reduction in agency and overtime costs
28. Reduction in outpatient no-shows
29. Proven reduction in purchased services
30. Mobile technology that improves patient care and lowers costs

Resonate with Value

If you use one or more of these words or phrases it must be in a context that will provide a clearly defined benefit to the hospital buyer. Your value proposition must be clear, concise, distinctive and memorable. It has to stand out and resonate from all of the other messages that they receive on voice mail, during telephone calls and in E-mails. It must create a “wow’; “I need to have a conversation with this sales professional.”

Parting Thoughts

Words and phrases matter during and following a sales call, and can help you to gain favor with the key decision makers. Your language can help make you distinctive and memorable, and provide you with additional credibility to get you the next appointment! If you can back up your words and phrases with evidence to support your position, you have advanced your proposition and are in a better position to close a sale. While the stakes are high, you don’t want to be viewed as one and done. Instead, be distinctive; be memorable and win!

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