Why Hospital Strategic Procurement Doesn’t Buy More From You!

Selling to hospital strategic procurement can be much easier if you understand the metrics that they value or demand from their suppliers. Many of these are generated from the requirements of their internal customers. In general, each of these can be placed in the categories of delivery, cost, responsiveness, errors and defects. Lead Time on […]

Is it Still a Hospital? The New Name Game!

It used to be easy. Hospitals were where we went for emergency care, certain types of surgeries, for labor and delivery or for in-patient treatment of acute or chronic disease. Most people thought of it as the destination if you were very sick or hurt. Hospitals were also easy to find because they had the […]

Early Warning Signs of Financial Stress in a Hospital

The hospital C-Suite is under duress. Each day they must carefully manage their scarce resources amidst a declining reimbursement, rising labor costs, a difficult credit environment and thin margins. As hospitals look for ways to increase the efficiency of their resource allocation MedTech suppliers must be aware of the early warning signs that the hospital […]

12 Reasons Why Hospitals & Healthcare Systems Use RFPs!

Increasingly hospitals are turning to Request for Proposals (RFPs) to procure their goods and services. RFPs give hospitals one voice and one process thus streamlining the purchase process for goods that they deem to be highly price competitive. There are twelve reasons why hospitals and healthcare systems use RFPs: 1. Policy Requirement or Law: RFPs […]

Pop Quiz on Hospital Types & Ownership Acumen

  Have some fun and test your business knowledge of hospital types and ownership. For each statement select the most appropriate choice. Statements A hospital in which any profit is returned to its shareholders. A hospital owned by the federal government and operated by the VA. A hospital that operates as a Not-For-Profit (NFP) hospital […]