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Honing Sales Skills is a Continuous Process and One That Never Stops.

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Best in Class sales organizations have several common characteristics. They have a well crafted strategy, hire the right people, have a sales process that mimics how customers buy, continuously sharpen their sales skills, mentor and coach to a standardized sales methodology, manage to metrics and they enable everyone with technology.

The benefit of this approach allows their sales professionals to spend more time in front of customers. This makes them more effective and more efficient.

Best in class sales organizations create opportunities and execute effective customer interactions, develop differentiated strategies to win complex selling opportunities and then manage their accounts for retention, referral and repeat business. They have sales funnels that are balanced and filled with quality opportunities and an appropriate volume of potential business. For them revenue generation is consistent, repeatable and sustainable. Honing sales skills is a continuous process and one that never stops. Best in class sales organizations view this as fundamental to their success.

We offer a series of programs that can help you hone the sales skills of your organization to make them Best in Class. Call us now to see if we can help you! Mr. Williams is a Senior Sales Consultant for Miller Heiman Group and is certified to facilitate the Miller Heiman Group methodologies described below.

Securing Strategic Appointments®

Securing Strategic Appointments®Your product or service is excellent. But how effective is your organization in securing appointments with prospects?

This program focuses on initiating contact with prospects or new contacts within an organization. Participants will learn how to immediately differentiate themselves from others who are fighting for time with decision makers, influencers or trying to get past gate keepers. It also improves the likelihood of getting meetings scheduled with key players and of achieving more calls returned.

Our solution will help you:

  • Present prospective decision makers with compelling reasons for investing time in meeting with you
  • Create powerful messages designed to capture interest of the key decision maker
  • Create compelling Talk-Tracks that result in return telephone calls
  • Provide techniques for delivering Talk-Tracks naturally and with confidence
  • Identify the most common blocking scenarios and teach you how to overcome them
  • Monitor and track success
Conceptual Selling® – Customer Focused Interactions

Conceptual Selling® – Customer Focused InteractionsDo you have a universal framework for conducting effective meeting planning and managing customer interactions? Do you need a common methodology company wide so that your sales professionals can be mentored and coached consistently.

Useful for all company personnel but especially for sales professionals, our opportunity-identification program teaches you:


  • Why all meetings must have a valid business reason
  • To understand buyer decision behavior
  • How to identify the values, interests and needs of buying influences
  • How to establish credibility with the customer and why it is so important
  • How to identify basic issues that must be resolved immediately or there will be no sale
  • How to formulate meaningful questions that will move the sale forward
  • How to differentiate your solutions from the competition’s
  • How to create actionable sales-call plans that advance every sale toward close
  • Why using a common language with your sales organization will improve internal and external communication
Strategic Selling®

Strategic Selling®Understanding how to create the right sales strategy is one of the most important ingredients to selling successfully.

Our opportunity-management solution emphasizes a thorough understanding of buying influences and the importance of strategic analysis throughout the sales cycle, enabling your company to focus on its strengths while minimizing its weaknesses.

You will learn:

  • How to identify the four different buying influences in every sale
  • How to position yourself with real decision makers and how to ease away from those with delusions of authority
  • How to locate and develop effective coaches and why a coach is essential to winning the business
  • How to get to the final decision maker more quickly and effectively than your competition
  • How to spot the two buyer modes that indicate a sale is possible versus the two that you should read as “It’s not going to happen”
  • How to distinguish between personal wins and business results and why they are not the same
  • How to realistically forecast your sales revenue
  • How to decrease the importance of price
  • Why using a common language with your sales organization will improve internal and external communication
Negotiate Success ℠

Negotiate SuccessSMDoes your company frequently lose to the competition late in the sales funnel?

When you are involved in a complex selling situation, do you often find yourself discounting your product or service? Does your sales team overcome objections by discounting price as the first option? Are you intimidated by challenging negotiating situations?

Our negotiation program teaches negotiating skills as a roadmap. It is a simple and intuitive framework for managing negotiations and it can be used at every key step of the sales process. Our non-manipulative, customer-focused approach ensures that both sides win.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a simple framework that identifies your clients’ goals as well as yours
  • Why negotiation begins at the start of the sales cycle, not in the middle or at the end
  • How to negotiate on value not price
  • How to achieve win-win solutions that fit both parties’ interests and needs
  • Why using a common language with your sales organization will improve internal and external communication
  • How to anticipate challenging negotiating situations so that you can be prepared
Executive Impact ℠

Executive ImpactSMGaining access to time-constrained, senior level executives is difficult but essential in today’s business environment. Once access is gained, if proposals are not conveyed effectively, far too many decisions will go the wrong way. To vastly improve the chances for a successful outcome two things must happen: 1) sales professionals need to determine who the chief decision maker is among the executives to be persuaded, and 2) their discussions have to be tailored to that business leader’s decision-making style.

You will learn:

  • How to map your selling strategies to how decisions get made at the executive level.
  • To identify the initiating force that is the catalyst behind why executives will consider changing the status quo.
  • The characteristics of each decision-making style, how to identify different styles, and how to approach each style differently.
  • What defines each executive style is their preference to see or hear certain types of information at certain steps in the buying process. The top sales professionals typically possess a flair for doing this, but the skills are easily mastered once you know the executive’s style in decision-making.
  • How to develop strategies for before, during, and after each executive level interaction to ensure a win-win outcome.

This is the first executive selling workshop that is based on empirical data resulting from an exhaustive two-year research study involving nearly 1700 key decision makers.

Large Account Management Process®

Large Account Management Process®Does a significant portion of your business come from a small number of customers? Could you afford to lose a key account and still make this year’s forecast? Our large-account management process will help you manage those key customers as strategic assets.

We will show you how to plot a strategy that significantly grows their revenues while decreasing the importance of product features, price and delivery.

You will learn:

  • How to build strategic, long-lasting relationships with your best customers
  • How to expand penetration in your largest accounts
  • How to focus your energy on work that will pay off and stop investing in projects that are wasting your time
  • How to move up the buy-sell hierarchy to decrease the importance of price, product features and delivery
  • How to write account action plans that bring measurable results and that are integrated with your organization
  • How to focus on what the customer wants to accomplish versus what you want to sell
  • Why using a common language with your sales organization will improve internal and external communication
Channel Partner Management ℠

Channel Partner ManagementSMDo you sell your products or services through wholesalers, retailers, value-added resellers, distributors or manufacturers’ representatives? If so, we can help you dramatically improve how you work with your channel partners. Our experience is unique.

For years, we managed a widely diverse domestic and international channel network. In our current business, we represent or have represented numerous organizations as either a manufacturer’s representative or a distributor.

We can help you:

  • Develop a dealer profile
  • Motivate a channel partner — and, conversely tell you, how to un-motivate one quickly and with little effort
  • Get more selling time from a channel partner
  • Determine which marketing tools are effective and which ones are a waste of your money
  • Build loyalty with a channel partner
  • Develop a channel strategy that will result in revenue retention and repeat business

If you are unsure how your channel feels about your organization and if you sincerely want to develop a “partnership” approach call us. We can help! We can conduct a detailed survey of your channel partners and then provide you with honest feedback. Our scorecard will define your strengths and outline areas for improvement and we can provide a roadmap to an improved relationship.

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