Six 2018 New Year’s Resolutions for Sales Managers

The New Year is here…so if you want to sell more you better prepare yourself to sell smart. Take a serious look at how you and your team sold in 2017. Where are the performance gaps?  Who are your “under performers” and how are they adjusting their selling strategy? Is your sales funnel overloaded with […]

12 Reasons Your Best Sales Reps Are Leaving!

Years ago, when one of the authors was in graduate school a professor made the following statement. “There is no bottom line until there is a top line. The key to a top line is hiring and supporting great sales professionals.” It was a profound statement then and it’s still profound today. Great sales professionals […]

How Sales Professionals Can Overcome the Forgetting Curve

Are you a sales professional that just finished attending a great sales training program? Perhaps your marketing team sponsored an educational webinar that was sensational? How about a riveting guest speaker who spoke on industry trends? Maybe a webcast from your company on a new product that has disruptive technology? Perhaps you just finished reading […]

Selling from the Third Platform: Challenges for the Sales Executive

The Pillars of Sales Transformation In November 2013 International Data Corporation (IDC) published a seminal article entitled “The 3rd Platform: Enabling Digital Transformation.”  This white paper explored the confluence of four transformational technologies that serve as the foundation for the 3rd platform: cloud computing, social, Big Data and mobile. IDC pointed out that we have […]

Tools to Help the Seller Close the Complex Sale

  There are many stumbling points in completing a complex sale—conducting effective meetings with senior executives, delivering compelling presentations, selling to committees and crafting messages that convey value.  It comes as a complete surprise to us that after all the effort, planning and time devoted to the initial stages of the selling process that sellers […]

12 Ways to Make Sales Training Stick!

Every year organizations spend billions of dollars on training and professional development, yet there are still pundits that say “sales training doesn’t work.” Why is it that a sales training program works well for some organizations while others struggle to gain a measurable ROI? We have some answers. Ensure it’s the Right Solution – There […]

Customer Retention: The Holy Grail of Sales!

Every sales executive and sales representative needs to make an annual revenue goal. It’s no secret that the easiest path to “making your number” is to keep your existing business and sell more to an existing account. Why?  The easiest customer to sell to is one that already buys from you. Current accounts know your […]

Sales Leader, It’s Time for Mid-Year Checkup!

Well it’s mid-year…so if you want to make your annual sales quota it’s time for a checkup and perhaps even some adjustments.  As you review or revise your sales plan for the balance of the year, consider taking a close look at the following seven “areas” and determine what value they may bring to your […]

Lesson Learned- What is the Cost of Inaction (COI)?

In a recent conversation a colleague made an interesting comment, “Sales training is a waste of money.” Since he knew that they were in the sales productivity improvement business where “sales training” is one weapon in our arsenal, it piqued our interest. We couldn’t resist asking him why he felt that way. Here’s part of […]

Sales Leadership: Does Your Sales Organization Play Fast?

In football they call it the “2 Minute Drill.” It could be the last 2 minutes of the first half or the last two minutes of the game. Everyone on the field is expected to know their play and their role and they are expected to beat their man. On offense the objective is to […]