Seven Fatal Flaws in Qualifying Sales Opportunities

In large measure, the difference between highly productive sales professionals—those who exceed their quota year after year—and those sales representatives who seem destined to underperform lies in a single explanation: the productive seller chases good business and the underperformer chases bad business. For the most part, it’s not how hard they work—it’s how smart they […]

Are You “Social Selling” or Committing “Social Suicide”?

Social Selling is an important tool in the weaponry of sellers for lead generation that nurtures meaningful relationships through conducting research, making a connection, fostering awareness and increasing interest. There is no debate. Social selling is here to stay. It’s another tool in the toolbox of the sales professional along with the telephone, E-Mail and […]

Are You RFP Ready?

  For many of us the RFP is a way of doing business…but it is not without options.  In this blog we will explore keys to developing a successful sales plan in an RFP process and how to connect with the buying organization’s underlying needs. The RFP process may be disruptive for even the most […]

Sales Call Check List: What Every Seller Should Consider Before a Call!

Skilled and successful sales professionals recognize the importance of call planning in conducting an effective sales meeting. How many times have you left a meeting only to realize that you didn’t get the information, commitment or action anticipated? Today’s buying influences expect sellers to be professionals who can manage a meeting, focus on the buyer’s […]

Lesson Learned from a Sales Autopsy

Recently we had an interesting conversation with Ben, a very frustrated medical device sales representative. Ben has been a top 5% performer for his firm (Origin) in each of the last five years. He has exceeded quotas every year and consistently outsold his competitors. Origin competes against several companies that offer similar services. Further, Origin […]