How Hospitals Are Innovating to Remain Relevant!

Hospital executive are being forced to think outside the box to keep their facility relevant within their community in the midst of a federal government and consumer led tsunami. Retailers and big box stores are aggressively moving into the delivery of primary care by providing millions of Americans with convenient locations and extended hours of […]

Will the Sales Representative in the Operating Room Become Extinct?

Few patients that go in for spine, hip or knee replacement surgery realize that a sales representative is often present to provide technical assistance to the surgeon during the procedure. This is a practice that has been prevalent for decades and has traditionally provided great value to hospitals and surgeons but is now under fire […]

10 Things You May Not Know About the Operating Room: Part 2

Have you ever wondered about the function and operation of an Operating Room (OR)? Unless you are a sales representative that routinely sells into the Operating Room or are a health care worker working within the Operating Room, you may be unaware of what actually occurs within this very unique environment. Here is our Top […]

Hospital Business Acumen: Understanding Hospital Metrics

It’s no secret that sales professionals have to deliver value to their customers. Everyone is talking about it. Before you can deliver value, however, you must understand what metrics are important to hospital personnel so that you can tailor your message to impact a key performance indicator (KPI) that is being measured today. Here some […]

5 Emerging Trends MedTech Sales Reps Should Watch Carefully

It used to be easy. Hospitals were where we went for emergency care, certain types of surgeries, for labor and delivery or for in-patient treatment of acute or chronic disease. Hospitals were also easy to find because they had the word “hospital” incorporated with their name. Under healthcare reform hospitals are reinventing themselves from a […]

Do You Know the KPIs of the Hospital Strategic Procurement?

As a sales professional, your performance is under scrutiny. Management has key performance indicators (KPIs) that they measure daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly on you and your counterparts. The most common KPIs are revenue versus plan, achievement of the assigned product mix, percentage of gross margin, win rates and expenses versus plan. Buyers in hospital […]

Selling Capital Equipment to Hospitals: Actual Cost Versus Purchase Price

It’s no secret that in every hospital, fierce competition for scarce dollars exists between departments to buy new capital equipment that increases efficiency and improves patient care. In this new dynamic environment, hospital C-Suite executives are placing an increased emphasis on the collaborative process to acquire capital equipment. This process includes: Clinicians: To ensure optimal […]

Questions You Should Ask About Hospital Committees!

If you sell a MedTech product, service or solution that occasionally or always has to go to a committee for scrutiny prior to a purchase or contract here are some questions that you need to know. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. You may not always get the answers but it’s a sin of […]