Understanding Hospital Charges, Costs and Payments

If you or a family member have ever been admitted to a hospital or if you sell to hospitals within the USA understanding their charges, costs and payments can be a bit daunting. Hopefully this blog will help to ease the pain and provide a greater level of understanding. In this blog we will cover […]

Admissions Are Up Slightly-How Do Hospitals React?

If you sell to hospitals in the USA, you are probably hearing from your contacts that admissions are trending up in many institutions while staying flat in others. Inpatient census is up in some institutions because of an improving economy, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act especially in states that expanded Medicaid under the […]

Hospital Business Acumen: Form 990 & Why You Should Care!

If you sell to Not-For-Profit (NFP) hospitals one of the best kept secrets is Form 990 and the wealth of information it can provide to sales representatives, especially if you sell to hospital executives and the C-Suite. The Form 990 is the tax document that tax-exempt non-profit organizations file each year with the IRS. It’s […]

Early Warning Signs of Financial Stress in a Hospital

The hospital C-Suite is under duress. Each day they must carefully manage their scarce resources amidst a declining reimbursement, rising labor costs, a difficult credit environment and thin margins. As hospitals look for ways to increase the efficiency of their resource allocation MedTech suppliers must be aware of the early warning signs that the hospital […]