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Selling within hospitals has never been more difficult or challenging. The hospital C-Suite is laser focused on improving its organizations overall quality of patient care while decreasing its costs and improving its revenue. The C-Suite today is willing to accept clinically acceptable products if the price, terms and conditions are favorable. Sales organizations now need new knowledge and new strategies to compete effectively. To sell within hospitals today the seller must identify all of the external and internal factors that drive buying decisions. They must thoroughly understand a hospitals functional structure, management and governance. Knowledge of how a hospital generates its revenue and spends its money will be a basic requirement. Knowing how and when they budget and plan for capital purchases will be a necessity. Understanding their financial performance and how your product, service or solution positively impacts it will be paramount. Astute sellers will also need to continue to adapt their strategies when they call on federal versus non-federal hospitals and for-profit and not-for-profit institutions. They will need to understand from the hospitals’ perspective the role of GPOs, IDNs, RPCs, committees and other influencers have on their purchase decisions. Armed with this knowledge the seller of the future will be able to develop a strategy that will make them comfortable in the C-Suite, confident with purchasing committees and convincing with clinicians. This will be an opportunity to prevent commoditization and allow them to become a strategic and trusted partner.

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