Selling Skills


Best in Class sales organizations have several common characteristics. They have a well crafted strategy, hire the right people, have a sales process that mimics how customers buy, continuously sharpen their sales skills, mentor and coach to a standardized sales methodology, manage to metrics and they enable everyone with technology. The benefit of this approach allows their sales professionals to spend more time in front of customers. This makes them more effective and more efficient. Best in class sales organizations create opportunities and execute effective customer interactions, develop differentiated strategies to win complex selling opportunities and then manage their accounts for retention, referral and repeat business. They have sales funnels that are balanced and filled with quality opportunities and an appropriate volume of potential business. For them revenue generation is consistent, repeatable and sustainable. Honing sales skills is a continuous process and one that never stops. Best in class sales organizations view this as fundamental to their success. We offer a series of programs that can help you hone the sales skills of your organization to make them Best in Class. Call us now to see if we can help you! Mr. Williams is a Senior Sales Consultant for Miller Heiman Group and is certified to facilitate the Miller Heiman Group methodologies described below.

Securing Strategic Appointments®

Conceptual Selling® – Customer Focused Interactions

Strategic Selling®

Negotiate SuccessSM


Executive ImpactSM

Large Account Management Process®

Channel Partner ManagementSM