Quantitative Research

Web-Based Surveys

An Internet based survey is an easy and cost effective means of conducting a market research study. In this approach we target a select group of individuals and send them an E-mail invitation and point them to a web-site. Once the respondent clicks on the link they are at the survey site. Web-based surveys provide the capability of having randomized questions and the capability to skip questions and answers and use automatic techniques. Web-based surveys are economical and provide quick results.


Individual Interviews

In an individual interview, an interviewer sits face to face with a respondent. This is often the method of choice when a large amount of information must be gathered. The interviewer asks open-ended questions designed to solicit detailed responses. The individual interview offers a great deal of flexibility. Questions can be asked in a specified sequence or at random. Issues that arise can be explored in depth.

Convention Research

Trade Shows offer a quick and economical means of collecting information from a diverse range of participants. Research can be conducted in an exhibit booth during trade show hours or outside the exhibit hall. Trade Show and event research conducted inside the exhibit hall requires considerable advance planning to procure exhibit space and to ensure conformance with the host association’s rules and regulations.


Channel Survey

Your channel partners are critical to your success. To be successful you must earn their trust and support so that they maximize their time spent selling your products and services. As the first customer in your channel they have to buy-in to your products and services. To promote your product to the end user often requires an investment in purchasing inventory or demo equipment, conducting promotions, training their sales force and then providing exceptional service and support. We can help you measure the quality of these important business relationships and provide you with an early warning detection system that something is amiss so that you can fix it before it becomes detrimental and counter-productive.

Here is a sampling of topics that can be measured:

  • Training & Development
  • Field Sales Organization:
    Quality & Responsiveness
  • Communication & Feedback
  • Reviews & Expectations
  • Product Depth & Quality
  • Sales Promotion Programs
  • Marketing Support
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Pricing & Margins
  • Payment & Credit Terms
  • Order Processing & Delivery
  • Problem Resolution