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What is DiSC®?

EVERYTHING DiSC is the most trusted behavioral profiling instrument in the industry used by millions of training and coaching professionals across the globe. The tool identifies behavioral style by measuring the attributes, preferences and aspects of the respondent’s personality. EVERYTHING DiSC® is used to build stronger relationships, improve communication and ultimately to increase the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.
EVERYTHING DiSC® identifies four primary dimensions of behavior – Dominance – influence – Steadiness – Consciousness.  Everyone is a blend of 4 styles and has a unique behavioral style. An individual’s DiSC® style is shown by a ‘dot’ which is placed on the model.  DiSC® styles do not identify abilities or strengths. There is no right or wrong /pass or fail. A style demonstrates priorities or behavioral style.

Knowing your own DiSC® styles provides you with:

An understanding of your own behavioral tendencies and the knowledge of how to adapt your behavior, to develop better relationships, improve communication, reduce conflict, create win-win solutions and deliver results.

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