Why Sales Data Matters to Your Success!

W Edwards Deming made two profound statements “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” and “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” If you believe this mantra, why is it that BODs, CEOs and Sales Leaders ignore the sales industry data or delay using the data that is readily available to […]

10 Things Sales Reps Hate with Passion!

  Sales professionals are a rare breed. Most are self-starters, personable, inquisitive, intuitive and passionate about their craft. They enjoy selling and revel when they are in contact with prospects or customers. They thrive on challenges and relish the benefits of being the CEO of their territory. When faced with a constant change, they welcome […]

Crafting Good, Better, Best Value Statements

Consider for a moment the “life cycle” of a value proposition for a testing product in the pharmaceutical science area. It began (see the image below) with a very brief technical description.  Then the product development group took a stab at writing a description. At the third stage, marketing got involved and the lipstick and […]

Lost & Found: Finding Who Cares & Who Pays

As buying processes become more complex, sellers find it increasingly difficult to identify all of the stakeholders and buying influences.  There are two over-riding reasons.  First, the seller never bothered to “map” the buying process in the target organization.  Without that vital information, it’s difficult to appreciate how multi-layered a buying process can become.  Often […]

Sales & Business Pet Peeves

We thought it was time for a little venting and levity. Sales is a tough profession and occasionally folks make it a lot harder than it needs to be. Here is a list of “pet peeves” that we have encountered recently. Several have been provided to us from colleagues we know and respect. Please add […]

5 Steps in Crafting Compelling Value Propositions that Resonate with Buyers

We all know what constitutes a value proposition or statement.  It’s a concise, clear and compelling message that conveys the benefit a product, service or solution provides the buyer’s organization.  In other word, it’s a promise or pledge made by the seller to convey value to the buyer.  But this is where our understanding gets […]

How Well Do You Know Your Buyer?

Buyers begin each purchasing process with varied degrees of knowledge.  Some may have direct experience with products and solutions, while others may have read blogs and industry reports or had conversations with former buyers.  Each buyer has a perspective about the business context surrounding the purchasing decision.  That perspective includes information, data, experiences and feelings.  […]

My Company’s Cross Selling Program is Driving Me Crazy!

In healthcare and many other industries, consolidation of competitors (i.e., mergers and acquisitions) has made cross-selling a logical strategy for driving growth and improving sales productivity.  Even within organizations, companies have implemented cross-selling efforts to introduce new products and expand their footprint within an existing customer base. From the outside, the development and implementation of […]

Selling to Healthcare Organizations: How Customer Centric Are You Really?

Most senior sales executives and sales professionals will tell you their organization is customer centric. Many will draw you a diagram to show you the intricate ways in which they interface with their customers. Others will show you an elaborate slide with the customer at the center of their organization’s universe. Some will provide you […]

Getting Ready to Launch a New MedTech Product? Here is What Sales Wants to Know From Marketing!

In an environment of rapid technological change, new product introductions in the MedTech industry can be puzzling to clinicians and buyers at hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and medical offices. The customer’s world appears to be awash in change creating more questions than answers. “What prompted the change?” “Is my current product deficient in some way?” […]