10 Things Sales Reps Hate with Passion!

  Sales professionals are a rare breed. Most are self-starters, personable, inquisitive, intuitive and passionate about their craft. They enjoy selling and revel when they are in contact with prospects or customers. They thrive on challenges and relish the benefits of being the CEO of their territory. When faced with a constant change, they welcome […]

4 Channel Partner Behavioral Styles

Sales channels are mediums used by manufacturers for selling and distributing goods and services between the manufacturer and the end consumer. It can be described as any path you take to get your solution to the consumer. Today, there are four types of sales channels:

Eleven Easy Steps to Success with a Sales Channel: Part 2

In our last blog http://bit.ly/18lgkfW we presented the first five (5) steps to creating success with a channel partner. We advanced the notion that to receive a disproportionate “share of mind” with the channel requires a business strategy that leads to a differentiated relationship. A pillar of this strategy is “to help the channel grow […]

Eleven Easy Steps to Success with a Sales Channel: Part 1

Have you ever noticed that some “great companies” in the market with brand name products and services aren’t meeting the sales goals expected by management? Their products and services are consistent under-performers! Management often doesn’t understand the cause and begins one or more of the following aggressive campaigns to bolster sales revenue: