Customers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know!

In today’s world of Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, newsletters, news feeds, instant messaging and other sources, information is readily available to buyers whether they are B-C or B-B. With these resources buyers are much more sophisticated and knowledgeable before they engage with a sales professional. In fact, we live in a world where […]

Getting Inside the Black Box: Harsh Realities of Selling to a Committee

“Committees” are the mysterious black boxes of the sales universe. Sellers often assume they know what’s inside the box only to find that it was not at all what they suspected.  The word “committee” is often used to cloak a buying process in secrecy.  One individual’s “committee” is another’s team or group.  When executives are […]

Why Map the Customer’s Buying Process?

It seems like such a simple question, but if your company hasn’t defined and mapped the process your customers go through to make a purchase decision you are just guessing and guessing can cost you time, money and market share. According to CSO insights and other research organizations, many sales organizations haven’t taken the time […]

Selling to the Executive Suite: Unlocking the Executive Mindset

There is an abundance of excellent articles on selling to the C-suite or the executive management team. It’s strong evidence of the continued professional growth of our global sales community. You can find data-driven supportive research documents, testimonials and interviews, books and case studies. It’s a topic that creates a high degree of interest in […]

Strategic Procurements 10 Commandments for Managing the Hospital Buying Process

As strategic procurement gains more power, authority and influence within hospitals and health care systems they are gradually educating non-procurement personnel within the hospital on how “to engage and not engage” with sales professionals. We call this education performed by procurement within their hospital “Procurements 10 Commandments for Managing the Hospital Buying Process”. These are […]

Do You Know the Pathway to the PO?

Hallelujah you have just been told you won the sale. Now the next challenge is to get the purchase order (PO). Be careful about celebrating too soon, you are not home yet. You would be wise not to include this order against your sales goal at this time. Finally, don’t forecast it yet and above […]

“Negotiating the Complex Sale: 10 Questions to Guide Your Preparation”

Preparation is key to every effective negotiation strategy. Brian Mandell, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, says that a good negotiator prepares by understanding fully what he/she wishes to accomplish. A great negotiator prepares by understanding what the other side wishes to accomplish. At the heart of your preparation should be […]