About Us

Strategic Dynamics Inc. helps organizations sell more-faster. Our primary focus is healthcare sales and our specialty is selling to hospitals. We help clients by offering the following services:

Hospital Business Acumen™

This is a unique program that teaches sales, marketing and support personnel the function and operation of a hospital. We offer a standardized facilitator led program with or without a sales simulation, a fully customizable program to meet unique client requirements and online learning.

Improving Sales Effectiveness

The Miller Heiman programs, services and tools provide the foundation for the work we perform in improving the effectiveness of sales organizations. Tom is a certified facilitator in all of the Miller Heiman methodologies and he sells their services, conducts program facilitation and provides consulting around their various sales methodologies. Strategic Dynamics also offers buy-sell process mapping, development of sales playbooks and buyer personas.

Market Research and Analysis

We help clients understand the voice of their customer. We offer a range of qualitative and quantitative research.